Managers and persons closely associated with them shall notify their transactions in financial instruments of the company to the company and the FSA promptly and no later than three business days after the date of the transaction, for any transaction once a total value of EUR 5,000 has been reached within a calendar year.

The notifications are made with FSA’s electronic form and sent to the company via email: and to FSA via secure email: to

The form is available at:

Before opening the form, it is to be saved on your own computer by clicking the right mouse button on the form link and choosing “Save as”. After opening the form, accept JavaScript properties through the Options button, if required.

Information required in the form:

Sitowise Group Plc LEI-identifier: 743700HOHMOHAANHFF73
Sitowise Group Plc trading code: SITOWS
Sitowise Group Plc ISIN code: FI4000480215
Notification number: Automatically generated on the form (no need to fill in)

Sitowise discloses the received notification in the form of a stock exchange release within two business days after the receipt of the manager’s notification.

More information on the regulation related to manager’s transactions is available e.g. here: .