Sustainability tool for projects 

The footprint of the build environment is huge but recognizing, measuring and verifying sustainability is challenging. As a solution to this challenge, we have created a sustainability tool for projects which is unique in our industry. This tool ties sustainability to our projects. 

We have created a sustainability tool for project work to support these things. The tool is based on the international UN Sustainable Development Goals framework. The tool is adopted in projects during 2021 and sitowise experts are being trained in its use. The tool helps to better understand sustainability in projects and the impact of choices made by Sitowise experts and clients have on the environment and society. 

The tool helps to identify the most relevant sustainability goals and to record and monitor measures taken in projects to advance sustainability. The tool helps to monitor how Sitowise projects advance Sustainable Development Goals and what kind of sustainable choices are made in projects. The tool is used together with the clients and the results can also be used by the clients. 

When it comes to designing built environment, recognizing and monitoring the execution of sustainability actions are known to be challenging. There were no readily established tools available in the industry and we didn’t want to wait any longer. Therefore we created our own sustainability tool to tackle this challenge. As others ponder over same issues, the results of the tool are also available to our clients. 

Julia Brunfeldt, sustainability specialist, Sitowise 


Sitowise and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

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