Why choose Sitowise

Improving the efficiency of maintenance from planning to post-documentation
Transmission of information between different functions
Implementation of statutory maintenance documentation
Transparency in the maintenance chain
The footprint of the built environment is huge. We want to be the most responsible partner and help our customers exceed their goals.

Why Routa?

Routa is the most versatile solution with the best price-quality ratio on the market for infrastructure maintenance ERP.

  • Real-time cost tracking

  • Best transparency for contracts

  • Most efficient ERP and reporting

  • Versatile contract management incl. documents and schedule planning

  • Most accurate and reliable machine positioning

  • Best value for money

Maintenance monitoring and new construction projects – Routa applications

Snow removal, de-icing, pothole repair, asphalting, leveling, graveling

Winter and summer maintenance, equipment, inspections

Lawn mowing, plant care, equipment, playgrounds, inspections

Ski tracks, mountain bike trails, ice fields

Equipment, tools, plants, traffic signs, street lights, bridges, culverts, observations

Logging, incident reports, alarms, inspections

In use in many industries

Routa software was created to add efficiency to fast-paced mobile work in the infrastructure sector, namely asphalt patching. However, the use of the software has quickly expanded from the infrastructure sector to the municipal sector for winter road maintenance, area maintenance reporting, and asset management. Routa is used, for example, in monitoring municipal water supply facilities and in documenting maintenance measures.

Forests are the latest application environment for the Routa software product family. Tools that are suitable for the forest industry have been added to Routa Forest, which is an application supplemented with special requirements. The new features relate to efficiency monitoring and reporting tailored to the forest industry as well as increasing occupational safety. The Routa Forest application is the first in the Routa product family to introduce a “dead man’s switch” function that improves the safety of working alone.

When is Routa needed?

Routa enables you to manage contracts from planning to execution and reporting without compromising on safety.

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Compensation claim for slipping or damage
A resident slipped and hurt themselves months ago. How easily can you find out about the maintenance measures related to the event?
Magnifying glass
Accident with a machine
There has been an accident with a machine. Do you have the regular equipment inspection reports easily available?
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What are you paying for?
Do you know exactly what you are paying for in the contract? What were the working hours, kilometers, or masses used for?
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Are you invoicing for all of the work?
Are you able to easily invoice for all of the work and the costs of the contract or are you stuck studying timesheets?
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Make work more efficient with geospatial data
Utilizing geospatial data from planning to reporting makes the contract work more efficient, from the drawing board to individual jobs and invoicing.

Help in meeting work-related safety and other documentation requirements

Clients can use the Routa software to define minimum requirements for the contractor executing the ordered work. For example, the client may require risk assessments or equipment inspections to be carried out before the execution of the work. Minimum requirements for the contractor, such as training or qualification requirements, can also be set as a condition for the execution of the work.

The contractor or their employee can fill out the risk assessments or other required documents at the place of work with the easy-to-use Routa mobile application. The information will then also be available to the client ordering the work in real time. At the same time, the safety and other documentation related to the execution of the work is archived for any possible future need.

Data management tool from work planning to execution

The Routa software can be used to make the execution of work more efficient and to automate the documentation of all the work steps. The software is specifically designed for data management in mobile work. It speeds up data transfer and reduces errors for the entire chain. The easy-to-use Routa software mobile application enables all of the information related to the work to be collected in one place, from work planning to execution and follow-up.

The parts of the Routa product family work independently when necessary. The modular structure enables smaller sections of the software to be used as stand-alone applications (e.g., driving log or working hours monitoring) or combining several modules as a comprehensive ERP system.

Routa-ohjelmisto eri laitteiden näytöillä

For a small company’s internal use or extensive real-time data management in the client-contractor-subcontractor chain

Thanks to its structure, Routa is suitable for internal use in a small company as well as for data management and transmission in the client-contractor-subcontractor chain. The client or the planner of the work can plan the work to be done as well as refer and schedule it to the contractor or employee of their choice. Supervisory staff can monitor the execution of the contractor’s and subcontractor’s work in real time using the map view, for example. Data management is simplified from both the contractor’s and the client’s point of view when the documents related to the work done can be retrieved for each individual contract, for example.

Routa in figures  

1,000+ users

Routa users represent different age groups at varying levels of digital skills. The ease of use of the system is a prerequisite for its versatile utilization.

150+ organizations

Routa is used by organizations of all sizes, from nationwide operators to local one-person businesses.

6,000+ contracts

The Routa system has been in production use since 2015, with more than 6,000 contracts of various sizes completed.

3,500,000 km

Kilometers generated by machines and other vehicles.

250,000+ observations

Observations tied to geospatial data, with or without photos.

10,000+ work orders

Executed work orders in the system.


Comments from users

Finally, a system that’s easy to use and that works!

The time spent on invoicing decreased from two days to fifteen minutes.

Prices and deployment

Routa is the most versatile solution with the best price-quality ratio on the market for infrastructure maintenance ERP. Deployment only takes a couple of days and can be arranged even for next week – you can get started at a surprisingly low cost and without a fixed-term contract! Contact us and request a demo or offer.