Our vision:

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To be industry thought leader, means that we must redefine, create and implement the change that future societies need. ​We think ahead and look what our customers needs are, not just now but also in the future.

We anticipate the questions that are not yet asked, but we believe will be crucial in the future. ​

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Strategy focuses on innovations, sustainability and efficiency - building on three strategic pillars

The Most Innovative

Developing and engaging our people and partners to innovate ​smart solutions accelerating the industry transition. 

We create innovative culture, continue building scalable SaaS business and enrich design environments ​and processes ​with new solutions.

The Most Sustainable

Leading the way to sustainable ​future.

We have created our own sustainability tool to use in projects. We recognize customers completely new needs and create new services for them. In terms of our own operations, we implement the goals of our responsibility program: carbon neutrality, equality, thought leadership and sustainable business.

The Most Efficient

Optimizing way of working, providing best value for our clients.

It is important to focus on projects and customer work - eliminating unnecessary work is needed. For this, Sitowise has developed the Voima platform, which is used to steer efficiency to a new level.

For us, smart is a multi-dimensional word. It refers to our experts’ everyday vision which gives courage to create innovative, databased solutions.​ It is smartness to look ahead and challenge when needed. According to estimates, by 2050, almost 70% of the global population will live in cities. ​

We believe that cities are in the core of the change that is needed to solve future challenges. 

​We also know that cities need environment around them to survive so we do not limit our solutions to cities only.

Our purpose:

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As a company our main mission is to inspire and enable our experts to perform at their best everyday.

Our experts, their strong proficiency and aim for the best solution is in the core of everything we do.

We develop solutions. Client’s needs guide us,  and to be able to find and create long-lasting answers for challenges of tomorrow, we need versatile thinking. Society's ambitious climate and biodiversity goals create a growing need for open-minded solutions that are driven by  digitality and data-based decision making.​

Our values support our purpose

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Value trust
We trust each other​
At Sitowise, we make decisions where we work. Even if we grow, we are agile and human-oriented. Everyone working at Sitowise is an equal colleague, whatever is printed on our business cards. We believe in our and others’ ability to bring projects to a close. We have the guts to delegate and share responsibility – as well as to assume it.​
Value client knowledge
We understand​ our clients​
Clients are part of our team. We understand our clients’ needs, hopes and expectations and always do our best to fulfil them.​
Value bravery
We are​ brave​
We believe in the power of being different and the courage to think outside the box. We are always looking for ways to develop things further and seize opportunities to forge new, creative solutions. We understand that you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, but we learn from our mistakes and are not afraid to make them.​
Value team play
We work as ​one team​
We are happy to help our colleagues and cooperate smoothly with others, regardless of the unit or office they work in. Every Sitowise employee is an important part of the team and brings their own unique contribution to the project. We never leave a friend behind.​
Value opennes
We are​ open​
We share information openly and don’t beat around the bush. In projects, we make sure that everyone, especially our clients, knows where we are at and where we are going next.​
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