Why choose Sitowise

Up-to-date information clearly presented on a map
State of forests, biodiversity and carbon stock and sinks
Satellite imagery is efficiently analysed by AI
Accurate information enables forest planning and land use optimization in terms of climate and environmental impacts.

Due to climate change our forests and environment face increasing risks, such as increased insect damages, storm damages, forest fires and floods. It is becoming increasingly important to identify potential risk areas and monitor the changes in environment in order to address emerging problems as early as possible. 

At the same time, the role of forests in mitigating climate change and reducing habitat loss has become more important. In order to optimize forest planning and land-use changes in forests in the light of climate and environmental impacts, accurate and up-to-date information on forest carbon stocks and sinks, as well as forest biodiversity under changing conditions, is needed quickly available and easily interpretable format.

Why buy geospatial data as a service?

Sitowise has the largest comprehensive supply and expertise in Finland of accurate map data and geospatial management snapshots to support decision-making.

Smartlas map service provides you with geospatial data from one place, ready for use in information systems as an interface service. We bring together and harmonise, for example, licensed geospatial data sets provided by municipalities, making them easily available to our customers from a single interface service directly from the cloud. We also provide analysis and analytics to support geospatial data management, including data collection, maintenance, distribution and contract management. You can focus on your core business.

Smartlas provides a service solution for the acquisition, storage, maintenance and distribution of geospatial, map, terrain model and aerial imagery data. By using our service, you avoid duplicate data acquisition and ensure efficient use of data in different applications.

The service is offered as WMS, WMTS or WFS -interface implementations for use in any of the services supporting these standards. File delivery can also be arranged if required. Data will be updated once a year or more often if necessary, in an update is available from the data provider.

Intelligent map data from a single service

With Smartlas, you can access both open, permissioned and AI-enriched geospatial data sets as an interface directly from the cloud. The data is also available in our products such as Louhi and Foresta.