Why choose Sitowise

A comprehensive geospatial data tool for infrastructure asset management
Municipal permit processes under control with Louhi
A platform for dialog between the municipality and its residents
Versatile possibilities for presenting and maintaining geospatial data as a part of GIS-based management
The footprint of the built environment is huge. We want to be the most responsible partner and help our customers exceed their goals.

The Louhi GIS platform is a comprehensive GIS-based management solution for municipalities. Louhi gives municipalities access to a broad and up-to-date snapshot from demographic data all the way to the municipality’s vacant lots, for example. 

The Louhi public map service and interfaces enable municipalities to also share map data with the residents and other stakeholders.

Municipalities need geospatial data to support decision-making

The Louhi GIS platform brings together up-to-date data sets from different sources and makes the information understandable so that municipalities can make sustainable decisions for the benefit of their residents. 

Louhi supports decision-making in the entire municipality with clear visual snapshots and spatial analyses. Louhi offers municipalities versatile solutions for knowledge-based management:

  • Data management of infrastructure assets and projects;
  • Versatile utilization of real estate register data;
  • Maintenance of the building, address, and street register as well as zoning plan data;
  • Land use planning;
  • Construction supervision and permit processes;
  • The municipality’s landed property management and invoicing of ground rent;
  • Integration with the Lupapiste service;
  • Electronic services and interaction;
  • Analysis of up-to-date demographic data;
  • Versatile feedback system for the municipality;
  • Collection and maintenance of geospatial data in a browser-based map view;
  • 3D visualization;
  • Integrations with external case and document management systems;
  • Data transfer between national information systems; and
  • Extensive selection of open data sets for direct utilization.
sitowise louhi paikkatieto karttapalvelu kunnille

Infrastructure asset management

Louhi enables municipalities to maintain street and road network data as well as manage the location and attribute data of pipeline systems and public areas, for example. The aggregate, GIS-based view helps people make smart decisions.

Land use planning and landed property management

Louhi enables you to view the landed property on a map, manage its value and changes, and handle the invoicing of ground rent. Presenting zoning plans, zoning regulations, and any other plans to staff, decision-makers, and residents is also easily done.
sitowise louhi paikkatieto karttapalvelu kunnille
louhi paikkatieto karttapalvelu

Management of permit processes

Louhi improves the interaction between residents and the municipality in matters related to construction. Construction permits, applications for derogation, notifications, environmental permits, and land extraction permits can be managed through Louhi. Map themes and integrated Lupapiste services are also part of the Louhi package.

Geospatial solutions for municipal needs

The browser-based Louhi consists of modules that can be assembled to meet the needs of customers in the best way.

  • Louhi Kuntapalvelin is a daily tool for municipalities to manage official processes – infrastructure asset management, land use planning, landed property management, management of permit processes, and presentation and maintenance of geospatial data sets.

  • Louhi Palaute is a map-based feedback service that functions as a digital feedback system for the entire municipality.

  • Louhi Mobiili contains GIS-based tools for mobile use and, for example, field conditions.

  • Louhi Hanke is a GIS-based data management solution for infrastructure and regional development projects.

  • Louhi Seppä enables the collection, storage, and maintenance of geospatial data points directly with the web interface, even in field conditions. As a generic solution, the data collection form can always be designed with the customer’s specific needs in mind.

What is GIS-based management?

Knowledge-based management is traditionally about utilizing collected data to support decision-making. In municipalities, knowledge-based management is usually focused on financial planning, HR management, case management, and various performance data obtained from systems. 

GIS-based management offers even stronger support for decision-making with a clear visual and temporal overview. The Louhi GIS platform provides comprehensive prerequisites for GIS-based management.