Why choose Sitowise

The most extensive forest system in Finland
Modern and easy-to-use software for forest and cutting area plans, forest work management, and forest property assessments
AI analyses of stand growth, changes, and damage risks
Packages of various scope for operators of different sizes
We offer our customers information on the state of the forest that is as accurate possible. This enables our customers to make responsible decisions based on facts.

Smart forestry with the most extensive forest system in Finland

The versatile Foresta is a tool for forest professionals or large forest owners for forestry and forest resource information management tasks, from forest planning to sustainability reporting. Users are supported by open forest resource information as well as extensive map and geospatial data sets.

The Foresta package can only include the features that are necessary for a small operator, all of the digital tools that a forest professional might need, or something in between. From the Standard package upwards, the package also includes a mobile application that enables users to, for example, update forest compartment data directly from the field just as easily as is done from their desk.

Data flows seamlessly not only between the field application and the main system, but also via interfaces to other information systems of major operators in the industry.

foresta plus bitcomp

Features of the Foresta forest information system:

  • Customer and real estate registers
  • Forest planning
  • Field work
  • Value calculation
  • Work management
  • Forestry work
  • Lumber trade and sales
  • Electronic data transfer
  • Contracts
  • Reporting
  • Map and geospatial data sets
foresta metsätietojärjestelmä bitcomp

For forest industry operators of all sizes – Foresta is used by, among others:

  • Forest service entrepreneuers
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Jointly owned forests and large forest owners
  • Educational institutions
  • Financial institutions
  • Parishes


Artificial intelligence as a superpower in forest analytics

Foresta’s geospatial data sets also include several layers that are created with the help of AI analysis. For example, by looking at thinning potential, a company can offer its customers forestry work in a targeted manner at exactly the right moment.

Analyzing the state of health of the trees, on the other hand, helps to detect changes such as insect damage even before they are visible to the naked eye. Up-to-date forest data makes it possible to address problems quickly and target resources where the greatest need is, for example.

Foresta Plus and new generation forestry

Foresta Plus is Foresta’s new environment consisting of a modern user interface and new functions. Several old functions of Foresta have also been updated for the new environment, and it works seamlessly with the older Classic version. The main updates in Foresta Plus are:

  • Updated customer and real estate register – viewing customers, their related organizations, real estate, and orders is easier than ever before
  • Map module and map tools – projects and worksites can be created directly with the map view search tool
  • Management of forestry projects and sales – monitoring the progress and schedule of orders, offers, and contracts as well as the easy compilation of projects for customers
  • Kemera (financing of sustainable forestry) search and implementation notifications directly from the system
  • Lumber trade stages and implementation – e.g., offering lumber trade tendering more easily than ever before
  • Calls for tenders for forestry work and lumber trade – organizations that own forests can call for and compare tenders