Why is Sitowise’s slogan “The Smart City Company”?
Our slogan, “The Smart City Company”, refers to both our work as well as our operating method. For us, being smart is a multidimensional concept. It means strong digital competence but, above all, it refers to our experts’ vision, which increases their courage to create also new and different solutions. According to estimates, by 2050, up to 70% of the global population will live in cities. Our work enables prosperous life both in cities and outside of them. Together, we form a pack of great experts. With us, you’re always in the best company. 

What does Sitowise do?
Sitowise is a Nordic expert in the built environment with a strong focus on digitality. We design smart cities and spaces for living where daily life finds a durable foundation. We operate in three business areas: building design, infrastructure design and digital solutions. Every day, our 2,000 experts from different fields join forces for traffic, infrastructure and buildings to provide the best setting for safe and carefree daily life. We want to raise the bar on smartness and sustainability, which is why our vision is to be the most sustainable and responsible partner in developing a prosperous living environment. In recent years, Sitowise has experienced fast and profitable growth, and the group’s current turnover is approx. EUR 179 million. Sitowise’s head office is located in Espoo, and the CEO of the group is Heikki Haasmaa.

Sitowise says it’s an IT house. How many coders do you employ?
Currently, we employ around 100 in-house developers and have room for more. You can have a look at our vacancies on our recruitment site (in Finnish).

Who owns Sitowise?
Sitowise was listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Check major shareholders here.

In which fields does Sitowise operate?
We operate in three business areas: building design, infrastructure design and digital solutions.

In how many countries does Sitowise operate? 
Sitowise operates in Finland and Sweden, and we also have offices in Estonia and Latvia where we engage in projects for both Finland and Sweden.

What are Sitowise’s values?
Sitowise’s values are courage, trust, transparency, playing as a team and client knowledge. You can get to know our values in more detail on our strategy site.

What is Sitowise’s strategy?
Sitowise’s vision is to be the field’s most sustainable and responsible partner in developing a prosperous living environment. 

In how many locations does Sitowise operate in Finland?
Sitowise finds strong local presence extremely important to ensure great client relationships and smooth and successful projects. We operate and provide all of our services nationally in Finland and Sweden but maintain and grow a strong network of regional offices. You can check the up-to-date information of our offices on our contact site.

How many Sitowise employees are there?
We are very happy to tell you that the number of Sitowise employees is growing at a breathtaking pace every year. At the beginning of 2022, there are over 2 000 of us.

How is Sitowise doing financially?
Sitowise’s growth rate has been fast in recent years, but the group has succeeded in maintaining good profitability in the growth. Sitowise has grown both organically and through acquisitions. You can check our key figures here.

Sitowise has said that it wants to be the most sustainable and reliable partner in the field. How is this achieved in practice?
Sitowise’s greatest impact is achieved in projects in which cooperation with clients is especially significant. The goal of Sitowise’s sustainability work is to include the sustainability and responsibility perspective in all internal dialogues and dialogues with clients that concern our projects. In addition, the group affects the impacts of our own operations in several different ways, including annual calculations of Sitowise employees’ carbon footprints and taking actions that significantly cut it in our own operations.

What kinds of sustainability indicators does Sitowise use?
Sitowise is constantly developing its sustainability indicators. We released our first sustainability programme in 2019 and first sustainability report in 2020. In the report, we present our impacts in several ways, including business-area-specific indicators of projects, such as the energy performance certificate classification. However, developing these indicators is ongoing work for us. You can read more about our reporting on our sustainability site.

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