The most responsible partnership starts from the needs of the client

Our objective of being the most responsible partner strongly guides our activities in quality, safety and security, too. We believe that excellent quality stems from the best client work.

Mutual understanding and respect between partners comes from building things together with an eye on the long term. When they work with us, our partners in cooperation can trust that our work is guided by strong expertise, our company’s shared values and responsible choices. We offer our clients services from the subterranean to the sky, both safely and taking environmental impacts into consideration.

Our operations are financially profitable, which enables us to develop our company, invest in the expertise of our personnel and strengthen our customer relationships in the long term.

For us, networking is an important means of constantly developing our operations. We are a member company of both Cleantech Finland and FIBS, and participate in the Reliable Partner service

By investing in our experts, we invest in quality

Our experts are our best calling card – they enable our clients to shine, too. For this reason, it is important for us to develop our personnel’s professional skills and expertise, and support them in this.

Our personnel is committed to our ethical principles, and we expect our partners to also follow the same principles.

Certification ensures our operations are in good shape

Sitowise has a certificated management system.

To ensure that we deliver on our promise of being the most responsible partner, our services have globally well-known certification in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality system and ISO 14001 environmental system.

The ISO 9001 quality system is a tool for the development of consistent operations in line with client requirements. With it, we commit to continuously improving quality management and increasing client satisfaction.

ISO 14001 is an international standard that enables us to assess, manage and develop our environmental impacts. Environmental issues are part of our daily operations. The goal of our operations is the sustainable development of the living environment while protecting existing environmental assets. Our solutions are environmentally friendly and cost-effective and promote human wellbeing.


The objective of our safety activities is to protect the employees, stakeholders, customers, property, information and reputation of Sitowise and the environment against accidents, loss and misuse, and to provide the prerequisites for uninterrupted and continuous operations. Safety activities support the realisation of our strategic objectives and are therefore an integral part of our operations.

Information security

The objective of Sitowise’s information security activities is to ensure the uninterrupted and contractual operation of business critical information systems and networks, to prevent the unauthorised, accidental or intentional destruction, modification or misuse of information and information systems, and to ensure the timely and correct destruction of information. Our information security activities are managed centrally and allocated sufficient resources.

Protected information may be transmitted in electronic, written or verbal form. Information security activities and the protection of information are an integral part of Sitowise’s daily operations. The goal of development and maintenance activities is to ensure uninterrupted and contractual operations in normal and exceptional situations. We operate in compliance with general legislation, local regulations and company internal information security guidelines.

We comply with our contractual obligations and observe the requirements of our customers and stakeholders for information security in our operations. All members of our personnel receive orientation on the company’s information security matters to the extent required in their duties, and we regularly organise information security training to our personnel. Each Sitowise employee is committed to the maintenance and continuous development of the agreed level of information security.