The meeting will be held at the Company’s headquarters at Linnoitustie 6 D, FI-02600 Espoo, Finland. Shareholders and their representatives may participate in the meeting and exercise shareholder rights only through advance voting as well as by making counterproposals and presenting questions in advance in accordance with this notice and other instructions given by the Company. It is not possible for shareholders or their representatives to participate in the meeting at the meeting venue in person. Instructions for shareholders are presented in the Section C of the notice and on this webpage. The proposed resolutions on Annual General Meeting's agenda are included in the notice to the meeting.

The Board of Directors of the Company has resolved on the exceptional procedure for the meeting based on the Act concerning Temporary Deviations from the Finnish Companies Act (375/2021). The Company has taken actions enabled by the act to limit the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and to hold the meeting in a predictable manner, taking into account the health and safety of the Company’s shareholders, personnel and other stakeholders.

Annual General Meeting's registration and advance voting »

Important dates 2022

Week 13 that begins 28 March

Annual report published, includes financial statements, the Board of Directors’ report, the Auditor’s Report, renumeration report and corporate governance statement

31 March at 12 p.m. (noon) EEST

Deadline for shareholders’ counterproposals

5 April

Possible counterproposals by shareholders to be put to a vote are published and a power of attorney template and voting instructions are published

5 April at 12 p.m. (noon) EEST

Advance voting and registration begins

6 April at 12 p.m. (noon) EEST

Questions by shareholders to be submitted at the latest

6 April

Annual General Meeting record date

12 April

Questions by shareholders, responses to the questions by the company‘s management as well as other counterproposals than those put up to a vote are published at the latest

13 April at 10 a.m. EEST

Registration and advance voting period closes

20 April at 4:30 p.m. EEST

Annual General Meeting

Questions by shareholders and answers by the company's management

Remuneration policy. Are maximum levels or relative shares of the variable parts of long-term incentives available in public?

With regard to the remuneration policy, publicly available information relating to the maximum levels or relative shares of the variable parts of long-term incentives consists of the following: “The subscription of shares with class A options takes place between 1 April 2024 and 31 March 2025, and with class B options between 1 April 2024 and 31 March 2026, if the pre-defined threshold yield for the Share set for the commencement of the subscription period is met. The subscription price with the options equals to the subscription price of the Share in the Offering less annually paid dividends and capital repayments.” The subscription price at the Offering was EUR 8.20. It is stated in our offering circular of 12 March 2021, p. 119 that “The performance option have a higher threshold yield for the Share regarding the commencement of the subscription period of the share than matching options.”