Sitowise was created in 2017 by the merger of two infrastructure and house-building consultancies, Sito Oy and Wise Group Finland Oy. However, the company has experience and expertise in Finnish construction gained over more than 40 years.

Wise Group was established in 2010 to bring together the best operators in the field of design and consultancy for house-building. By providing a solid foundation for the operating methods, professional competence and personnel of companies renowned for their expertise, it sought to reinvent its own services as well as the sector as a whole. In seven years of operations, Wise Group expanded to become one of the five largest companies in its sector in Finland.

Sito began operating in 1976 as an engineering office focusing on road design. Over a period of 40 years, it expanded to become a diverse infrastructure company, with a comprehensive service offering including consulting, planning, maintenance, construction contracting, and information services that complement each other seamlessly and naturally. The company’s steady growth has been driven by the open-minded development of information technology solutions and corporate acquisitions.