Sitowise Group Plc’s Annual Report, Sustainability Report, Financial Statements 2022 and Remuneration Policy are now available. Welcome to review the highlights and most important twists and turns of the past year. The annual report also looks to the future.

The annual reporting package 2022 is published in Finnish and English.

Annual reporting material is available at:

Sitowise continued on the growth path in 2022, driven by several acquisitions and organic growth. As a result of the acquisitions, expertise was strengthened in the SaaS business, infrastructure design, renovation and building services, and nearly 200 new experts joined the Group in Finland and Sweden.

Sitowise's goal is to be the most attractive workplace in the industry. The efforts made to achieve this are visible, as the personnel's willingness to recommend Sitowise as an employer increased for the fourth year in a row. The customer survey confirmed that sitowise's expertise is valued: 94% of customers say that they could choose Sitowise as their partner again.

Sitowise continued its efforts to advance the sustainability of the industry in various forums throughout the year. Project-specific sustainability targets were set for 86 per cent of customer projects. Innovation activities also received a new boost when the first service of Sitowise's innovation platform The Smart City Lab was sold to the customer to strengthen the sustainability of properties. 

Sitowise Group Plc’s annual reporting package 2022 has been released. The package contains:

Annual Report and Sustainability Report – Information on the key events of the year, the progress of the objectives of the sustainability programme and a comprehensive description of Sitowise employees in numerical form.

Board of Directors’ Report, Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report for the financial period 1 January – 31 December 2022 – A comprehensive picture of Sitowise's financial position and result for the financial year.

Remuneration Report – Information on the remuneration of the Board of Directors and the remuneration of the CEO, as well as a description of the principles and objectives of Sitowise's remuneration policy.

Corporate Governance Statement – A description of Sitowise's governance and the principles guiding the operations of the Group's Board of Directors and management.

Sitowise’s year in numbers

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Year of changes

- Our net sales continued to grow nicely both organically and driven by acquisitions. We remained the most profitable in the industry, which we are very pleased with. All in all, a very good year. I really would like to thank all the Sitowise employees for the very good year of 2022. It wasn’t an easy one, but we can be really proud of all of these successes what we have had, says Heikki Haasmaa the CEO of Sitowise.

Watch the full interview with Heikki!

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