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Annual and sustainability report  Here you will find information about Sitowise’s most important events and highlights, how we are proceeding toward our sustainability goals, and for example, a comprehensive description of our personnel in numerical form.

Board of Directors Report & Financial Statements –The financial statements will show you a comprehensive picture of Sitowise's financial position and the revenue of fiscal year 2022. The Board of Directors Report includes concise summary of the most relevant events of the financial period and its aftermath. You can find the financial statements in European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) format here.

Remuneration Report – Information on the Board's and CEO’s remuneration, as well as a description of the principles and goals of Sitowise's remuneration policy. You can find out Remuneration policy 2023 here.

Corporate Governance Statement – Familiarize yourself with Sitowise’s corporate governance, as well as the principles that guide the operations of the group's board and management. 

Annual and Sustainability Report 2022 - Browse here!

The future challenges require innovative solutions created with customers, a sustainable way of thinking in everything we do, and the ability to focus on what is essential. 

Heikki Haasmaa, CEO

Heikki Haasmaa.
sitowise hanna masala

The past year was – once again – exceptional in many ways and contained new kinds of uncertainties. Taking these into account, we can be proud of the growth in Sitowise's turnover and also reasonably satisfied with the profitability level for the year.

Hanna Masala, CFO

Sustainability at Sitowise

Sitowise is building sustainability across the entire industry through its client projects and industry networks and drives sustainability in its own operations with determined measures. The sustainability program is built around four, measurable goals which Sitowise and its employees use to change the world. The objective is to reduce the carbon footprint of company operations but also to leave as large a sustainable handprint as possible.

Our experts must recognize the effects of their work, make them visible to the customer, and consider together whether changes need to be made. This is a big cultural change that requires a lot from both the experts and the organization.

Minttu Vilander, Chief Communications and Corporate Responsibility Officer

Sitowisen viestintä- ja vastuullisuusjohtaja Minttu Vilander.
Taija Lehtola.

The job satisfaction of our personnel remained at a good level. Behaviour in accordance with our values ​​can be seen in our everyday work: we are brave, we are open, we trust each other, we play as a team and we know our customers. 

Taija Lehtola, Chief Human Resources Officer

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