Pekka Eloholma appointed CEO of Sitowise

Sitowise's Board of Directors has appointed Pekka Eloholma, M.Sc. (Tech.), as the company’s CEO as of August 15, 2019.

LuxTurrim5G ecosystem builds the smart city of the future

Nokia Bell Labs driven industry group is building key enablers for fast 5G network based on smart light poles, which will form the digital backbone of…

Sitowise expands its operations to Sweden – Byggnadstekniska Byrån Sverige AB joins Sitowise Group

Sitowise has acquired the share capital of Byggnadstekniska Byrån Sverige AB, a Swedish planning and consultancy company focused on structural…

With foresight and team play towards a Smart 5G Society – 10 + 1 tips for tomorrow’s cities

The extensive deployment of 5G technology requires a new kind of thinking concerning land use planning, permits and co-operation culture.

Sitowise 2018 — Strong increase in net sales, profitability among the best in the market

The net sales of the Sitowise Group increased strongly and profitably in 2018. The Group's comparable pro forma net sales increased by more than 20%…

Sitowise and Väylä to develop the digital infrastructure for sustainable transport

The strong cooperation between Väylä (Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency) and Sitowise continues under a five-year agreement on the operation of…

Sitowise awarded ISO certifications for quality management and environmental systems

All Sitowise services are now covered by the international ISO certification system. The certifications cover both the quality management (ISO 9001)…

Sitowise acquires the company Yhtyneet Insinöörit Oy

Sitowise acquired the entire share capital of Yhtyneet Insinöörit Oy, a company specialising in electrical design.

Changes in Sitowise's Senior Management

The Board of Directors of Sitowise Oy and CEO Markus Väyrynen have jointly agreed on the termination of Markus Väyrynen's term as the company’s CEO.

Controlling emissions — freight transport heading towards a more sustainable future

Transport accounts for approximately one fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions in Finland. Road traffic is responsible for the majority of this.

Sitowise acquires Insinööritoimisto LVI-Insinöörit Oy

Sitowise is strengthening its local service offering in the heart of Savo by acquiring Insinööritoimisto LVI-Insinöörit Oy, an engineering firm based…

From theory to reality: New way of working enhancing the quality of environment - OpenBIM & GIS – services and technology @Airport

How to achieve cost efficiency, safety and environmental responsibility by digitalizing the airport development and lifecycle management?

Sitowise acquires Bridge-Expert Ltd

Sitowise is gaining reinforcement from Bridge-Expert Ltd, a company specialising in inspection operations, repair planning and quality assurance…

InfraBIM Open 2019

InfraBIM Open 2019 will be held in January 15-16, in Tampere, Finland.

Sitowise acquires Geotek Oy’s design business

Sitowise Group is strengthening its housing geotechnics expertise by acquiring Geotek Oy’s design business.

E18 motorway drove BIM in infrastructure forward

Thanks to new kinds of design and as planed models as well as tight schedules, building information modelling in infrastructure, InfraBIM, developed…

Knowledgeable and reliable – results of Sitowise’s 2018 customer survey

Sitowise commissioned Innolink to conduct a survey to gauge customer satisfaction and opinions to support business development. The study was…

Insinööritoimisto Jorma Väänänen Oy to become part of Sitowise

Sitowise has acquired Insinööritoimisto Jorma Väänänen Oy, a Tampere-based engineering firm offering construction contracting and supervisory…

Progress in the pilot project on the BIM based administrative processing of road plans

Design models have long been used as a tool in planning and stakeholder collaboration, but their use has not extended to the administrative processing…

5G Is The Fourth Industrial Revolution

5G is not just another G on the mobile technology evolution path. It is the fundamental platform for the fourth industrial revolution and will become…

YIT and Sitowise’s innovation enables an attractive and functional pedestrian city centre in Helsinki

Sitowise and construction company YIT have created a plan of the Tomorrow’s Helsinki where traffic has been moved away from Helsinki city centre.

An ode to acoustic design

The latest flagship project for Finnish construction – the Oodi Helsinki Central Library – is a new living room for Helsinkians and a tour de force in…

URBS data project – new digital tools for regional planning

Digital tools provide several means of facilitating the work of planners and decision-makers in regional planning. Visualisation is much more…

The world’s best hospital is complete – and Sitowise was involved in building it!

The New Children’s Hospital was officially handed over to HUS, the hospital district of Helsinki and Uusimaa, in mid-May. T

HS-Tec Oy, a specialist in construction contracting and consulting in the construction sector, becomes part of Sitowise

Sitowise Oy has acquired the entire share capital of HS-Tec Oy, a Tampere-based company providing house-building services.

E18 part I: It all started with a competition – Sitowise committed to the planning projects for decades

The planning of the E18 has over the decades involved practically every member of Sitowise’s infrastructure design team.

Sitowise backs up the development of ITS infrastructure

Secure communication between wireless networks is essential in the fast-paced development of digital transport services. Sitowise is part of an…

Sitowise involved in developing secure smart transport infrastructure

Secure communication between wireless networks is essential given the fast-paced development of digital transport services. Sitowise is involved in…

5G is coming – Sitowise is ready

We are expanding our expertise in cooperation with businesses in the field, such as equipment manufacturers, operators, service providers and…

New landmark for Otaniemi campus of Aalto university in Espoo, Finland

Sitowise has participated in designing the latest landmark for Otaniemi, the architecturally striking Väre building.

Controlled growth and exciting opportunities in overseas operations

Sitowise reinforces and develops its operations in the Nordic and Baltic countries. This opens up new opportunities for each Sitowise employee in…

Sitowise acquires Dimenteq, an IT service company specialised in developing GIS solutions

Sitowise and GIS and spatial data featured information system services specialist Dimenteq Oy are combining their forces. Together we are able to…

Sitowise and Novatron sign partnership agreement

Sitowise Oy and Novatron Oy signed a partnership agreement on 6 February 2018 at the InfraBIM Open event organised at Tampere Hall.

Markus Väyrynen appointed first CEO of Sitowise

Sitowise has appointed Markus Väyrynen its first CEO. Sitowise, born in the merger of Wise Group Finland Oy and Sito Oy, begins operations according…