Tuusula cycling brand is part of the process of creating a recognizable identity for cycling in the municipality of Tuusula, promoting the cycling development strategy. The cycling brand is not just the visuals but also the image of what cycling is in Tuusula #tuuspyöräilee (#comecycle)

As the end result we created a guide book showing:

  • What is the cycling identity in Tuusula
  • Visual brand elements (logo, colors, signs etc.)
  • How to communicate about cycling-related themes in Tuusula
  • How to combine the new cycling brand with the brand of Tuusula
  • Description:
    Cycling brand for Municipality of Tuusula
  • Customer:
    Municipality of Tuusula
  • Year of completion:
  • Location:
  • Services:
    Wayfinding, Cycling brand, Promotion of cycling,