Tapiola region in Espoo is under development and major construction projects are ongoing. One of the key projects is the construction and expansions of Ainoa Shopping Mall alongside the new bus terminal. The bus terminal started its operation after completion, but the shopping mall on top of the terminal is still being constructed. Therefore, our client, the insurance company LähiTapiola needed a temporary wayfinding system to guide shoppers and travelers fluently during the 6-month construction period.

After working out the project scope with the client we studied the plans and surveyed the site with a series of walkthroughs, analysis of current signs and planned signs, lines of visibility and needs for various information in specific locations. Our team consisted of a service designer, a product designer and a traffic planner.

The result is a system for temporary wayfinding in Ainoa Shopping Mall including the design of each individual sign. The visual style was inspired by Ainoa’s visual identity and combining it with Helsinki Regional Transportation’s icons and colours. We wanted the outcome to be clear but striking and true to the client’s brand.

Temporary wayfinding benefits:

  • During times of changing traffic arrangements, construction and maintenance work there might be a need to reroute pedestrian movement
  • A temporary wayfinding concept will evaluate user needs and propose a holistic approach to wayfinding during the time of change
  • A thorough concept is comprehensive, distinguishable and clear. It will help people to find what they are looking for in a changing environment.
  • Description:
    Temporary Wayfinding in Ainoa Shopping Mall
  • Customer:
    LähiTapiola, Ainoa Shopping Mall
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