Over the past two years, Sitowise has made four acquisitions in the Sweden and increased its number of experts to 250. Through this acquisition, Sitowise will broaden its expertise to HPAC engineering.

Expansion to Nordic countries is a key goal for Sitowise. Over the past two years, Sitowise has succeeded in gaining a strong foothold in Sweden through acquisitions.

We have attracted excellent companies with trusted position among customers, significant projects and heavy expertise. We are glad that our brand and the way we operate comes through. That has enabled us to join forces with strong local players.”

Pekka Eloholma, CEO, Sitowise

VVS-Kompetens specializes for example in planning and designing repair construction of historically significant cultural sites. Earlier Sitowise’s services in Sweden have included structural and geotechnical engineering as well as building services engineering for demanding infrastructure projects.

“Our goal is to be a Nordic pioneer and we are progressing systematically to achieve this. With VVS-Kompetens, our organization will now have strong knowhow in HPAC engineering, and we are able to serve our customers in Sweden even better than before”, Eloholma continues.

VVS-Kompetens is a design and consulting company focused on building services and specializing in cultural buildings, offices and schools, laboratories, and healthcare premises. Before, Sitowise has acquired structural and geotechnical experts Byggnadstekniska Byrån AB (BTB) and Karlsson & Segelström Construct AB, and in November 2020, TFIP, one of Sweden's leading companies focusing on underground infrastructure projects.

With its expertise, VVS-Kompetens brings a new perspective to groups service palette.

“Together with Sitowise, we will be able to strengthen our position in Sweden, we share the vision for the development of services and cooperation. We see this as a very good opportunity for our experts as well as our partners and customers”
Håkan Klaesson, CEO, VVS-Kompetens

Sitowise acquires the entire share capital of VVS-Kompetens. Following the acquisition, the Sitowise's net sales in Sweden will increase to approximately EUR 31 million and the number of employees to approximately 250 experts. VVS-Kompetens will integrate to Sitowise's subsidiary TFIP’s organization and brand, and company's 20 experts will continue in their current positions.