Sitowise Oy has acquired the share capital in Saircon Oy, which specialises in the design of hospital technology and institutional kitchens. Saircon had net sales of EUR 0.805 million in 2018.

Sitowise’s strategy is to provide its customers with a wide range of building and infrastructure design and digitalisation services. The Saircon acquisition adds an entirely new area into the company’s service offering.

“This opens the doors to providing our healthcare customers in particular with a more extensive range of the specialist services they need,” says Jan Tapper, Director, Technical Building Services at Sitowise.

“Our customers include public-sector actors, architectural firms, construction consultants and contractors alike. We operate all over Finland, which is challenging for a small company. Sitowise has more than fifteen regional offices in Finland, giving us the opportunity to pursue growth on a larger scale,” says Kalle-Heikki Koskinen, CEO of Saircon Oy.

“Sitowise is in a robust cycle of growth and development. We want to be the most responsible actor in our field. We’re currently overhauling both our project management methods, with a view to creating the most efficient working methods in the field, and our personnel practices, seeking to become the most inspiring work community in the sector.” 

“Saircon expands our service offering and thereby wonderfully contributes to the implementation of our overall service strategy,” says Jan Tapper.  

Kalle-Heikki and Olli Koskinen will become equity partners as a result of the transaction. Sitowise is owned jointly by its equity partners (62%) and Intera Partners (38%).

Further information

Sitowise Oy, Director Jan Tapper, tel. +358 50 379 0232
Saircon Oy, CEO Kalle-Heikki Koskinen, tel. +358 40 834 3616

Sitowise BUILDINGS, communications: Saara Helimäki, tel. +358 40 585 2890