Sitowise has won a contract in the tender for the further development of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’ railway information systemsThe value of the agreement for Sitowise is EUR 3.84 million and its duration is four years.

The development of track information systems consists of four areas. Sitowise won one of the two areas concerning software development expert services. Potential new applications to be developed include speed data management, asset management and digital twin.

– The digital infrastructure of the transport network is particularly important from the perspectives of digitalisation of mobility, responsible mobility and autonomous transport. The development of traffic network and, for example, the maintenance backlog are managed with the help of this information. Alongside technology and data, it is important to understand the unique characteristics of the railway network and track environments in information system development. This combination of substance and technology expertise is Sitowise’s strength, and it is great to continue our long-term cooperation with the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s railway information systems, says Teemu Virtanen, Business Area Director at Sitowise Digital Solutions.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency has been developing railway information systems since 2016, with the aim of increasing productivity by digitizing key operational processes and modernizing key railway information systems and databases.

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