Secure communication between wireless networks is essential in the fast-paced development of digital transport services. Sitowise is part of an international collaboration working towards improved cybersecurity in transport services. New solutions are being tested on the trucks operating between Kemi and Kevitsa mines and road weather stations.

Sitowise is participating in SafeCOP, an EU and Business Finland funded project that targets the safety assurance on critical services through cyber security systems. Sitowise’s role in the project is related to the improvement of the operative capabilities of weather road stations and the development of data collection systems.

Fast and reliable bi-directional communication

In a typical scenario, weather observation data is transmitted to the end user through road operators or public authorities. The SafeCOP project is testing the transmission of real-time weather data directly from the weather station to the end user through wireless technology. The system would also allow the transmission of complementary observational data back to the weather station.

The model is being tested in Northern Finland, where friction data is digitally collected from the trucks operating between Kemi and Kevitsa mines. The friction data is automatically transmitted to the road weather stations of the Finnish Meteorological Institute from passing trucks.

The road weather stations forward this and other data it collects automatically to the vehicles connected to the system. All data is sent to the IoT cloud, where it can be further distributed to road users and others using the data. 

Sitowise Louhi service collects observational data on traffic

The project also focuses on the Louhi service developed by Sitowise and especially its mobile applications. Louhi applications collect observational data on conditions and events in the road and street network.

We are improving the Sitowise Louhi technology to enable its integration with automatic road and weather data collection solutions. We are also testing models
that would improve the global cybersecurity of this type of service, says Pekka Eloranta, Senior Consultant at Sitowise.

SafeCOP involves companies and research labs from the Nordic countries as well as Italy and Portugal. The other Finnish partners in SafeCOP are the Finnish Meteorological Institute and Alten Finland.

View a video about the project.