On 1 March 2019, Sitowise acquired the entire share capital of Yhtyneet Insinöörit Oy, a company specialising in electrical design. The company's strong and comprehensive design expertise and long-term customer relationships are a perfect addition to the electrical design offering of Sitowise.

“In total, we now have more than 80 electrical design experts nationwide. By combining forces, we can provide new and existing customers with broader expertise for new types of sites and increasingly larger project entities, while taking care of our smaller customers as well. The extremely versatile experience of both companies is complementary and this significantly strengthens our share of the entire electrical design market in Finland," says Sitowise’s Jan Tapper, Director, Technical Building Services.

The number of electrical systems in buildings is constantly increasing, while buildings are becoming smarter. The amount of automation will increase considerably.

“This requires the pooling of knowledge into increasingly broader entities. At the same time, there has been a partial shift in customer needs, with packaged services and various design teams being required. In the new situation, we are able to focus on delivering high-quality electrical design services and provide increasingly extensive design services, with the strong organisation structure of Sitowise and the well-known Finnish company name as our backbone. We believe that by implementing comprehensive solutions, we will always reach the best possible outcome for the customer in every respect,” says Juha Kiviniemi, Managing Director of Yhtyneet Insinöörit.

In addition to electrical systems, Yhtyneet Insinöörit Oy, which was founded in 1986, designs, for example, telecommunications, security, AV and lighting systems for buildings. Project sites include new buildings and renovation sites ranging from office and commercial buildings to industrial and public buildings. For example, the company has been involved in the various project phases of the renovation of the Parliament Building.

Yhtyneet Insinöörit will continue its operations under its own name as a subsidiary of Sitowise, but in close cooperation with the various service units of Sitowise from the very beginning. The company’s entire team of 24 experts will continue in their current roles, including Juha Kiviniemi, who will continue as the company’s managing director. With the transaction, the company’s former owners will become shareholders of Sitowise.