Sitowise is gaining reinforcement from Bridge-Expert Ltd, a company specialising in inspection operations, repair planning and quality assurance measurements for repairs of bridges and other engineering structures. By joining forces, the companies are creating a strong foundation for expanding their operations over the long term in the specialist field of the built environment, where there is a shortage of experts in Finland.

Bridge-Expert is among the top experts in its field in Finland and its inspection operations will diversify Sitowise’s offering of expert services related to bridges, tunnels and water structures. Sitowise has strong experience in designing bridges and other engineering structures. Together, we will be able to offer our customers a wider range of services and expand our research and design activities related to renovation by training more top-level experts in the field,” says Jannis Mikkola, Business Director from Sitowise.

“Bridge-Expert has always striven to serve every customer individually, understanding the customer’s requirements and meeting them reliably and with a high standard of quality. Sitowise shares our underlying philosophy 100%, so it is a natural step forward for us to join forces. This collaboration will provide us with additional resources to develop employee expertise and innovative service products,” says Mikko Rauhanen, Managing Director. 

The transaction will also pave the way for new opportunities to expand the research and design activities related to renovation. Sitowise employs dozens of specialists in building condition inspections with extensive expertise in surveying concrete structures and other materials. Close cooperation will provide new opportunities in terms of collaboration projects and developing specialist expertise in the field.

Bridge-Expert Ltd was established in 1999, and it has extensive, diverse experience in carrying out annual, general and special inspections of bridges and other engineering structures, as well as renovation planning and quality assurance measurements. The company has offices in Raisio and Pornainen, and it has worked on road and rail bridges, tunnels and water structures all over Finland.

Bridge-Expert Ltd will continue operating as a subsidiary of Sitowise and as a permanent feature in Sitowise’s bridge and engineering structure competence centre. The company employs eight experts, who will continue in their current roles. Mikko Rauhanen will continue to work as Managing Director, and he will also become a Sitowise shareholder in conjunction with the transaction.