Sitowise commissioned Innolink to conduct a survey to gauge customer satisfaction and opinions to support business development. The study was conducted in September 2018, and it is based on 355 responses.

Sitowise’s success

Sitowise has been very successful in its operations. Respondents gave their comments to provide a better measure of the company’s operations, citing a good approach to service and friendliness as key success factors. Other success factors included reliability as a partner, responsible operations, expertise, and the efficiency and ease of collaboration.

Key results of the study

Almost half of the respondents said that Sitowise was a trendsetter in the development of innovative solutions. The high appreciation of the company is reflected in customer loyalty.

Customers are satisfied with Sitowise Oy’s business operations, and they are willing to recommend the company to their colleagues/acquaintances. Sitowise Oy’s Net Promoter Score *) of 38 is good in comparison with reference companies.

*) The Net Promoter Score (NPS) seeks to forecast customers’ likelihood of recommending a company and its services to others. Based on their responses, customers are classified as detractors (if they give a grade from 0 to 6), passives (7–8) or promoters (9–10).

A total of 96% of the respondents gave a good or excellent grade when asked how likely they would be to recommend Sitowise Oy to a colleague.

The results show that we have been successful, and this is a good basis for further development. A total of 20% of the respondents would like us to be more active, and we promise to improve in this area. I would like to thank every respondent for taking the time to give us valuable feedback!

Markus Väyrynen, CEO, Sitowise Oy

- We humbly welcome all feedback and we review it thoroughly. We will select a couple of areas for development from this survey, says Kimmo Anttalainen, Director of Sales and Marketing.