Ambassador Charles Bernardt Josob visited Pirkanmaa region from 7 to 8 April 2021. He has just been presenting his credentials to President Sauli Niinistö and became the second Ambassador of the Republic of Namibia accredited to Finland.

The reason for the visit was the numerous cooperation projects that are underway between Namibia and Finland, as well as companies and educational institution in Pirkanmaa region. Cooperation is also carried out in the field of aviation: one of the development directions of the Finnish AiRRhow cluster is the aviation market of Africa. Sitowise is a member of the cluster.

Namibian suurlähettiläs Charles Josob vieraili Tampereella huhtikuussa 2021.

Cooperation started in Namibia

The collaboration between the AiRRhow aviation cluster and Namibia was launched in 2020 with an official visit to Namibia. During the visit Region Mayor in Council of Tampere Region Esa Halme signed an agreement with the Namibian state on behalf of the AiRRHow cluster. The common will in the agreement is the establishment of an African Center of Excellence in Civil Aviation.

- The importance of The Center of Excellence is of wide because it is also a gateway to the development of the African aviation industry and to the market with our Namibian and Finnish partners. The agreement can even  open up opportunities to the African Union's flagship projects as part of the integration of aviation on the African continent, describes Timo Karjalainen, Sitowise's regional director.

- During the visit in Namibia, it became clear that the expertise of Sitowise and the entire cluster would be useful in the development of aviation in Namibia and throughout Africa. Sitowise's role would be especially in different methods of digital information management, such as digital twins and various mobility services, says Sitowise's senior expert Laura Riihentupa.

Our expertise in digital information management and mobility services would contribute to the sustainable development of Arfica's aviation.

Laura Riihentupa, Sitowise

Work on African aviation continues

The visit of Ambassador Charles Bernardt Josob to Sitowise and other partners in the AiRRhow cluster was a testament to the importance and will of our cooperation.

- We are thrilled from the visit. After this first introduction we can say that the right person has been chosen for the position of ambassador, Timo says.

- The development of aviation is a common challenge for all of us. Aviation is undergoing a transformation, and not just because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The expertise of the AiRRhow cluster and our Finnish experts is important when we improve aviation in a sustainable and responsible way, Timo describes the value of Finnish expertise.

The competence of Finns is important in the development of sustainable and responsible aviation.

Timo Karjalainen, Sitowise

Cooperation with Namibia plays an important role for example with regard to the growing pressures on aviation in Africa. Even small development paths can lead to large global impacts.

- For this reason, multidisciplinary expertise is needed, not only in flying or air equipment, but also in traffic, mobility, logistics and overall effects, describes Timo the purpose of the AiRRhow cluster.