The sustainable development goals in the UN Agenda 2030 concern all countries in the world. The agenda includes 17 sustainable development goals which should be achieved by 2030. In a virtual event December 7th we ask, can smart city solutions accelerate the achievement of Agenda 2030 objectives. The keynote speaker is Global Cities Lead Jennifer Lenhart from WWF Sweden.

World leaders gathered recently in Glasgow for a climate summit to discuss common climate goals. Diplomacy plays an important role, but the most significant solutions for sustainable development are made at the city and regional level. The time to act is now. Cities need to be engaged in the Agenda 2030 in order to create true impact. Smart solutions, cooperation and open discussion is needed in order to support sustainable future in cities. 

In this event, we present solutions to make sustainable development an integral part of decision-making and leadership in cities.

During the virtual event, we ask whether smart city solutions can truly accelerate the achievement of sustainable development goals in cities. The theme is approached with the following statements:

•   Agenda 2030 goals will not be achieved without major efforts of cities
•    Digital solutions and data are key to meeting the goals of Agenda 2030
•    Cities will not succeed without cooperation, transparency and the sharing of best practices

The webinar is organized by Sitowise and the European Green Capital Lahti.

Watch the event here:

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Agenda 2030: Can smart city solutions accelerate sustainable development?

7th December 2021
12.00-13.30 (CET)
13.00-14.30 (Finnish time)


jennifer lenhart wwf the smart city talks

Jennifer Lenhart, WWF Sweden. Lenhart is WWF’s Global Cities Lead, which has engaged over 700 cities in 50 countries. She holds a PhD in urban climate governance from Wageningen University (Netherlands) and has 15 years’ experience addressing urban environmental challenges via holistic approaches.  She previously worked at UN-Habitat in Nairobi, Kenya; the City of Malmö, Sweden; an urban sustainability consultancy in Seattle, USA and hosts a blog, the Urban Observer, recognized by the Guardian Cities. She currently parks her bicycle in Stockholm, recently moving back from Santiago de Chile.

anna huttunen lahti

Anna Huttunen, City of Lahti, Finland. Anna Huttunen works at the City of Lahti as the project manager for sustainable mobility. She was also leading the UIA funded CitiCAP project. Huttunen is enthusiastic about improving walking and cycling conditions in her city, multimodality, and in general the low carbon mobility options available in cities. Her background is in social sciences and environmental and urban governance. She lived in Germany for several years and landed in Lahti three years ago. 


johan höglund

Johan Höglund is the CEO and founder of Infracontrol AB, a system integrator specialized in IT solutions for smart cities. The company was founded in 1993 and was acquired by Finnish Sitowise Oyj, “The Smart City Company”, in 2021. Johan has a background as an automation engineer and has put his largest efforts in designing useful support systems with the users in focus. Johan is passionate about creating and implement solutions for smart cities which supports a more sustainable society in a very concrete way. Johan leads his team with determination and joy with his own motto: “It´s the teamwork that makes our dream work!”.


jarkko männistö digital twin

Jarkko Männistö, Sitowise. Männistö has 25 years expertise of 3D modelling and 10 years expertise of 3D virtual models and simulations. He works as a team and service manager in Virtual Reality Solutions 3D team in Sitowise. His backgrounds are in architecture and urban planning, but also GIS, BIM and infrastructure designing processes are part of his expertise. His team has created AURA service, which is Digital Twin technology and 3D environment for tomorrow’s sustainable and smart cities. Last few years Männistö has participated in Business Finland funding projects to create new digital solutions to utilize city models, building information models and infra models in virtual simulations and 3D map services. 

sauli heino sitowise

Sauli Heino, Sitowise. Sauli Heino is the product owner of MayorsIndicators service. Sauli has been working on the service since February 2018, participating in the development and service production of MayorsIndicators in close dialogue with local authorities. Sauli designs and develops tools for measuring local sustainability and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of MayorsIndicators. Among other things, he has developed the sustainability city indexing (SDG and total scoring) applications used in the service.