Sitowise Group Plc's Annual Reporting for 2023 has been published. Welcome to recap the highlights and most important twists and turns of the past year. 

All materials for annual reporting are available through this link.

The new strategy published at the beginning of 2023 has guided us forward. At the core of Sitowise's strategy are major global changes, such as urbanisation, repair backlog, digitalisation, climate change and security. These major changes will shape societies and decision-making in the long term, and last year's challenging market situation has also required quick decision-making. 

Sitowise's vision Redefining smartness in cities is based on the need to understand the large, globally shaking changes and their impact on business and what kind of expertise will be needed in the future. 

The increasing complexity of construction, the increase in technology content, the transformation of mobility, tighter regulation, the green transition, the emphasis on sustainability and the focus on the lifespan impacts of the built environment increase demand for Sitowise's services.

The changing operating environment requires new ways of working and investments in sustainable business. Rapid changes require visionary experts who are ready to understand the needs of both society and the customer and develop new solutions for them.

This is what we did in 2023. Dive into the stories behind the statistics and check out Sitowise's annual report and sustainability report!

Heikki Haasmaa.

We want to be part of the conversation on topics that are shaping our industry and societies globally.

Heikki Haasmaa, CEO

Efficiency is built into Sitowise’s culture and I am really happy to see that even with some headwinds in our markets, we have maintained one of the most profitable companies in our industry.

Hanna Masala, CFO

sitowise hanna masala
Minttu Vilander viestintä ja vastuullisuusjohtaja

Sustainability is not a sprint journey. You are never ready when trying to achieve sustainability targets - we need to accept that the goal is always moving.

Minttu Vilander,  EVP, Sustainability, Brand & Communications

I am happy with the progress we are doing in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in including it to all our work and teams.

Taija Lehtola, EVP, Human Resources

Taija Lehtola.

Sitowise's year 2023 with CEO Heikki Haasmaa:

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