Sustainability program

Sitowise published its first sustainability program in 2019. It defined Sitowise’s ambition to be the most responsible partner in developing a prosperous living environment. The sustainability program, and particularly Sitowise’s vision, have guided the company’s operations during the previous three years, fueled its internal sustainability debates and drawn increasing attention to the opportunities – and requirements – of sustainable development.

In the recent years, Sitowise has grown considerably and expanded its operations to Sweden, and it has also been listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. At the same time, society’s expectations for monitoring and measuring sustainability work have risen. Legislation is in a constant change and demands for corporate sustainability are increasing.

Sustainability goals

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Goals in short

In this new sustainability program for 2025, we are still guided by our vision to be the industry’s most responsible partner in developing a prosperous living environment. For the sustainability program, we set ourselves four main goals:

  • We are carbon neutral in 2025 
  • We are the most equitable workplace with best employee wellbeing in the industry 
  • We aim for sustainable economic growth
  • We actively contribute to make our industry more sustainable

We are carbon neutral in 2025

Many stakeholders such as shareholders, partners, and clients expect and appreciate ambitious climate actions and sustainability. Sitowise must be able to meet these expectations. Mitigating climate change and continuously reducing our carbon footprint are already part of our sustainability work.


We will reach this goal with following actions:

  • We will continuously reduce our own emissions towards carbon neutrality by 2025
  • We will compensate for all the CO2 emissions caused our own operations at the latest in 2025

We are the most equitable workplace with best employee wellbeing in the industry

In a specialist company like Sitowise, social responsibility tends to focus on ensuring and improving the well-being of employees. We want to show that we are strongly committed to improving the wellbeing and equity of our employees, therefore this is one of the main goals in our sustainability program.

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We will reach this goal with following actions:

  • We are actively improving the wellbeing of our employees and listening to them
  • We ensure diversity and equity in our company

In this way we can fulfil our employer value proposition “unique people, significant together”.

We aim for sustainable economic growth

Sustainability and responsibility requirements increasingly affect the operations and development needs of our clients. In addition, mitigating and adapting to climate change, energy efficiency, the circular economy, and inclusivity require developing and scaling new solutions.

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We will reach this goal with following actions:

  • We will anticipate and follow the shift in the markets while keeping an eye on the direction of sustainability trends and our clients’ sustainability goals
  • We are actively developing our current and future services to meet the challenges of sustainable development
  • We will increase business activities aimed at sustainable development

We actively contribute to making our industry more sustainable

Business activities related to the built environment have a large impact on the climate but also on several other sustainability issues. Sitowise wants to actively participate in finding new sustainable trends and enhance the sustainable development of the whole industry.

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We will reach this goal with following actions:

  • We are the most active and interesting sustainability debater in the built environment
  • We will improve our employees’ sustainability skills considerably
  • We will include sustainability in our reward policy

The industry should strengthen its role and visibility as a developer of sustainable solutions.

Materiality assessment

Materiality analysis crystallizes sustainability work

To support the update of the sustainability program, Sitowise conducted a materiality analysis that identified the most crucial ESG aspects of sustainability regarding Sitowise’s operations and the related level of ambition. The materiality analysis examined the trends affecting our business, made comparisons to the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda, and took the views of our employees and clients into account.