We believe that engineers and softwere developers will save the world. In their daily work, our experts make small and large choices every day, which have a great impact on the sustainability of cities and the built environment. That is also why Sitowise is one of the mainpartners of Lahti European Green Capital in 2021.

This is another step on our path to our vision of being the most responsible in our industry. Our potential to contribute to the development of sustainable cities is enormous. Even more opportunities are created when we network with various actors from municipalities, cities and other companies - large and small.

CEO Pekka Eloholma

Construction, infrastructure and mobility are a huge burden on the environment, and we have a huge duty to be part of the solution. The built environment in use, as well as its construction, accounts for a significant share of global energy consumption, depending on the calculation method, about 40 percent, and thus a significant share of emissions as well.

Being sustainable is being smart. We create code and solutions that really matter and make Lahti and other cities more sustainable and better places to live. 

Minttu Vilander, Chief of Communications and Corporate Responsibility Officer

The European Commission has honoured Lahti with the European Green Capital Award (EGCA) as the first city in Finland. The nomination is distributed annually to one city that has environmental activities and is a forerunner. Prior to Lahti, 11 European cities have received recognition, such as Oslo and Stockholm.


Sustainability at Sitowise

Learn more about what sustainability means for us and how we shoulder our responsibility for the foot-print of the built environment.