Our Code of Conduct concerns all Sitowise employees and applies to all units and functions of Sitowise Group Oyj and its subsidiaries. We also require sustainable practices from our partners.

The Disclosure Policy describes the principles of operation and procedures under which the Company operates in conducting investor communication and financial reporting. The principles set in the disclosure policy govern the Company and its subsidiaries. 

Our Code of Conduct describes how we run our business in a sustainable and ethical manner.  We underline our commitment to comply with legislation and other regulations applicable to us in all the countries we operate. Our Code of Conduct consists of eight parts.

One of our strategic pillars is to be the most responsible partner 

  • We are an important player in our industry, thus we have an important role to play as a social influencer and industry developer. 
  • Sustainability is the of the cornerstone of our strategy and an essential part of our decision-making. 

We comply with laws and our commitments 

  • Compliance with the statutes that are binding on us is the starting point of all our operations. 
  • Sitowise employees are required to familiarise themselves with the legislation, commitments and internal guidelines applicable to their duties and Sitowise, and to act accordingly. 

We care about people and our working community 

  • We respect and support human rights and equality. 
  • We do not accept any form of violence, abuse, bullying or harassment.  
  • We do not accept discrimination based on gender, nationality or ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, psychological or physical impairment, political or other views, social status, family relationships or other personal features. 

We develop a sustainable and smart environment 

  • We develop a sustainable and smart living environment in cooperation with our customers and partners. The most significant vehicle to enhance the environment is through projects’ climate and resource-wise solutions.    
  • We are constantly developing our sustainable and environmentally friendly services and strive to minimise the adverse environmental impact of our services. 

Sustainability at Sitowise

Learn more about what sustainability means for us and how we shoulder our responsibility for the foot-print of the built environment.

We take care of the assets and information 

  • We take care of assets that are our own or under our responsibility, and we only use them for our business. 

We procure responsibly 

  • We conduct all our purchases responsibly, in accordance with established procurement practices.  
  • We operate fairly and transparently with our contractual partners.

We do not accept corruption, bribery, or extortion

  • We never pay, offer, solicit, request or accept bribes or any other undue advantage. 
  • When offering or accepting hospitality or gifts, we apply the precautionary principle.  Only reasonable and customary gifts are acceptable. We never offer or accept money or anything comparable to it as a gift. 

Reporting concerns and violations 

  • Each of our employees and partners must immediately report any concerns and known or suspected inappropriate behaviour.
  • We request them to report their concerns and to tell their suspicions primarily to their supervisor or contact person at Sitowise. If this is not possible, the Chief of Sustainability Officer can also be contacted. We also have a confidential contact and whistleblowing channel.

Sitowise Code of Conduct

Sitowise’s Code of Conduct guides our sustainable operations and applies to all our employees. You learn more about our principles below.