Solutions for Buildings

The experts in building design and consultancy create safe, healthy and comfortable spaces. Sitowise’s services cover the entire life-cycle of construction, from expert assignments during urban planning phase to designs for new buildings, surveys of buildings in use, repair planning and new real estate investment at the end of the life-cycle.

Finland’s building stock is burdened with an immense maintenance backlog. Sitowise offers solutions by combining knowledge-based management with expert work and taking into consideration the carbon neutrality targets incorporated into client's strategies. The sector is shifting from monitoring the energy consumed by buildings in use to more holistic measures to optimise the carbon footprint throughout the design, construction and maintenance phases.

Buildings | Services we offer:

• Structural engineering
• HVAC engineering
• Electrical and telecommunications engineering
• Energy
• Automation
• Acoustics
• Fire safety
• Architecture
• Condition assessments and surveys
• Construction contracting and supervision
• Professional kitchen and hospital equipment design