In city of Helsinki there is highly developing area called Central-Pasila. On the site are year 2019 opened multi functioning shopping center of Tripla on top of train tracks, Ratapihankorttelit area for new homes in the future and Trigoni containing the six high-rise buildings. This kind of massive projects are challenging for communication with all the organizations working on around the area and sharing the latest design phase. With AURA visualization model using simulations and combination model as main source of materials are the key elements for keeping the projects under control and in understandable form.


  • Easy communication with expert and general public
  • With AURA its easy to simulate light situations
  • 360° pictures taken situation now and using AURA to see how the different projects affects to the landscape

AURA model utilizes Central-Pasila's information management and combination model project. It's creating a generic and visually high quality virtual model from the area of ​​the combination model to illustrate the progress of the projects around the area. The AURA model and the imagery it produces serve as an easy-to-read and understandable communication and interaction tool for decision makers, planners, project stakeholders and the general public.

  • Description:
    AURA visualization model for Central Pasila
  • Location:
  • Customer:
    City of Helsinki
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