Aviapolis is one of the fastest growing areas in the metropolitan area. Rälssipuisto and Manttaalipuisto parks have a central role in the green structure of a new urban development area.

As a third-generation storm water park the design considers qualitative and quantitative storm water management as well as interaction and sharing knowledge with people about all things related to storm water. The parks are designed to offer multifunctional spaces to users and versatile biotopes for nature.

The design of the parks offers resilience towards climate change by providing spaces for managing storm water in a dense urban area as rainfall will increase. Natural ways for managing storm water include infiltrating, delaying and purifying the water before it enters the surrounding water body. The main goal is to improve the quality of the water and to even out the flow.

In Rälssipuisto and Manttaalipuisto parks there are multifunctional spaces such as a playing field and a skate park. They can be used normally when the weather is dry but function as controlled flooding areas as the storm water level rises. Knowledge about water is shared in interactive ways and the parks can be included in teaching by nearby schools.

In the parks there are interactive works of environmental art that utilize water in one way or another. With special lighting solutions different atmospheres are created, main attractions are highlighted, and the fluctuations of storm water are communicated to people.

  • Description:
    Rälssipuisto ja Manttaalipuisto parks
  • Year of completion:
  • Customer:
    City of Vantaa
  • Location:
    Aviapolis, Vantaa