Mokša is designed to give an interactive experience with adjustable lighting and a warm home-like feeling with wooden walls and roof. 

Light furniture play a big role in creating a brighter atmosphere to dim cities. Along with the lighting function they can create meeting points, landmarks, social spaces and recognizability for urban areas. Light furniture are permanent part of modern urban spaces affecting the atmosphere in the city.

City of Lahti, Lahti Energia and LADEC together with the SenCity-project organized the ‘vibrant port road’ innovation competition where they were asking for new products and services that would make the urban environment more vivid. Our winning proposition Mokša was created with a team consisting of the experts in industrial design, outdoor lighting design and environmental art.  The product development was done together with Tehomet and Aicci Oy.

Read more from VALO 1/2017 or Designboom 

  • Description:
    Mokša street furniture
  • Customer:
    City of Lahti, Lahti Energia, Ladec
  • Year of completion:
  • Location:
  • Awards:
    1st place in the Vibrant Port Road innovation competition