Sitowise together with YIT provided a holistic solution for a pedestrian friendly, livable city centre backed up with highly professional traffic, geotechnical and real estate planning solutions.

Pedestrian and bike friendly streets and squares could create a consistent, walkable network in the city. The solution effectively links hot spots and destinations strengthening the identity of the diverse districts. This could lead to a culturally richer and globally more attractive city center.

The wide-ranging proposal takes into account street life as well as innovative underground traffic routes that enable it. Key issues of the proposition are:

  • Current urban trends
  • Various user groups and their needs
  • Displaying a new way of using urban space
  • Revealing technical solutions to underground road alignments

Produced together with YIT, Suunnittelutoimisto Amerikka Oy (concept design) and Marker Creative Oy (graphic design)

  • Description:
    Helsinki Tomorrow
  • Customer:
    City of Helsinki
  • Year of completion:
  • Location:
  • Services:
    Urban design, architecture