Byström house is situated right in the city center of Oulu. The house was built by tar merchant Otto Ravander for his mother after the second big fire of Oulu 1882. The building consists of two parts: the wooden part was made for living and a general store was operating on the stone part. The lighting is designed to bring out the delicate parts of the facade while respecting the history of the building at the same time.

The luminaires have a tunable white and their correlated color temperature (CCT) can be controlled. Each luminaire is individually controlled with a DMX control protocol. The tone of the light was carefully selected to compliment the original color of the facade: cool temperatures for the wooden facade and warm temperatures for the stone facade.

All photos by Ville Suorsa 

  • Description:
    Outdoor lighting of the Byström building
  • Customer:
    City of Oulu
  • Year of completion:
  • Location:
  • Services:
    Outdoor lighting, architectural lighting, facade lighting