At the beginning of March, Sitowise outlined the principles regarding the effects of the Ukrainian war on the company's projects, subcontracting and personnel. For the past week, the company has been working to put these principles into practice.

Sitowise will not start new projects with Russian-owned entities and will review ongoing agreements and projects to seek for exit. Sitowise does not have active projects in Russia or Ukraine, or any subsidiaries, offices or employees in these areas.

In addition, Sitowise will investigate the situation of its subcontractors and suspend cooperation with Russian-owned partners and, in the future, with subcontractors located in
countries that are Russia's allies in the war.

Sitowise stresses that any form of racism or discrimination is not acceptable - these measures are targeted at companies, not individuals.

For employees, Sitowise provides  an opportunity to have discussion help  through occupational health and encourages to seek help actively if needed. It is understandable that the war in Ukraine causes anxiety, and following daily war news can cause stress and fear for the future.

40 000 euros donation for Finnish Red Cross disaster fund

Sitowise made 40 000 euros company donation to the Finnish Red Cross disaster fund, and encourages employees and other stakeholders also donate to enable help for Ukraine.

Sitowise fund raising page can be found from the Finnish Red Cross webpages:

For more information, please contact:

Pekka Eloholma, CEO, Sitowise
050 555 5590

Minttu Vilander, Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer, Sitowise
040 575 6660