At Sitowise, we are doing our best to minimise the risk of infection and lessen the impact of this unprecedented challenge on our customers, partners and the entire society through active communication and special measures.

Despite the exceptional circumstances, our operations have not come to a halt. We are working hard to ensure that our employees can continue working by providing tools for holding virtual meetings and for working from home. We are also asking our customers and partners to use remote communication channels to minimise the risk of infection. 

The World Health Organization declared the new coronavirus a global health emergency on 30 January 2020 and a global pandemic on 11 March 2020. At the moment, the duration of the pandemic cannot be reliably predicted, meaning that it is impossible to tell how the progression will affect us or what the consequences of the state of emergency will be. 

At Sitowise, we have taken various measures to adapt to the situation, but despite our best efforts, the exceptional circumstances may affect our ability to deliver our services due to reasons beyond our control (force majeure).  

Together with our customers and partners, we are searching for alternative approaches and preventive measures which will help us minimise or, where possible, eliminate any negative impacts which the situation might have on those involved. Despite these measures, the state of emergency may have an impact on the finances and schedules of our projects. 

We are asking all of our customers and partners to adopt transparent communication policies in order to minimise any negative impacts. We will provide more information to our customers and partners when we know more about the impacts as the situation develops. 

Our contact persons are happy to help if you would like to discuss any solutions that could help us minimise negative impacts. 

Take care of yourself and each other. 


Kind regards,

Everyone at Sitowise  

Pekka Eloholma