We have been preparing our organization for the spread of the coronavirus. We have considered carefully the possibility that during next weeks our experts may be partially or completely prevented from working at our offices because of medical purposes or because of governmental instructions.

We have ensured that our work continues during these exceptional circumstances by:

  • enabling that all our employees have possibility for remote work if needed
  • instructing staff for preventive actions (washing hands, not travelling abroad, favoring remote meetings etc.)
  • giving clear guidance if suspected that our employee would have a coronavirus infection
  • monitoring information from authorities.

Preventive actions

Sitowise follows continuously the coronavirus epidemic guidelines from Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and updates company’s own internal guidelines according to those.

Company has instructed on 3.3.2020 persons returning from abroad to stay at home for a minimum of two weeks. From 13.3.2020 onwards Sitowise has forbidden all business-related travelling abroad.

We have advised our employees to avoid inviting guests to our offices, and whenever possible we recommend remote connections when accessing meetings.

Our employees have been informed about THL's instructions for good hand hygiene. In addition, employees have been advised to work from home if they feel sick and contact occupational health care when they need more health-related information.

Corona virus contingency planning

Coronavirus situation is being monitored and actions prepared by a specially assigned group under the leadership of CEO Pekka Eloholma.

The group is responsible of the contingency plan of the company, and it will provide guidance to all Sitowise employees on epidemic prevention and if illness occurs. In its contingency planning, the Sitowise follows  closely communications from other authorities. The group also assesses the impact of different scenarios, such as potential quarantine, on the activities of Sitowise.

Remote work opportunities

Under the contingency arrangements, distance work has been increased and all work-related travel has been suspended.

Sitowise provides employees with comprehensive insurance coverage. In addition to the insurance against accidents at work, our staff have free-time group insurance, which provides security for accidents in remote work.

Responding to possible infectious doubts

Sitowise follows the instructions of the THL and makes sure employees suspected to have coronavirus infection will be taken care of as instructed.