Sitowise has acquired Positive Impact Finland Oy, an expert company offering environmental and sustainability solutions, to respond even more strongly to its customers' growing needs for sustainability expertise. Among other things, Positive Impact produces carbon footprint calculations and is known especially for its user-friendly ability to innovatively solve demanding sustainability issues, both through long-term expertise and new kinds of digital tools

Sustainability is a theme that affects companies extensively, and its role will grow in the near future. This is also affected by growing expectations for sustainability reporting. Together, Sitowise and Positive Impact produce even more versatile sustainability services and tools for the growing needs of companies and communities, and bring efficiency to a sustainable future with digital solutions.

- The legislative changes that will enter into force in the coming years, both in Finland and at the EU level, will radically change organisations' obligations to assess and report their non-financial performance and to build both more sustainable processes and business models, says Sanna Vaalgamaa, Department Manager for Environmental Impacts and Sustainability Services at Sitowise.

With the acquisition, Sitowise's range of services in the field of sustainability and climate issues will be diversified. Together, companies can help customers foresee the future and meet growing sustainability and environmental demands. At the same time, the ability to offer digital solutions that enhance companies' own sustainability work and accelerate the sustainability transition in society at large is growing. Shared expertise combined with a different customer base creates an excellent framework for producing larger entities for customers.

Elina Levula, founder and CEO of Positive Impact, sees a lot of opportunities in the merger: - We have a proven track record of growth and successful digital sustainability solutions, such as calculators and design tools with hundreds of users. As part of Sitowise, we can offer existing and new customers even more versatile science-based, top-class creative expertise for the development of companies' own operations and product and service development. With a larger team, we can achieve even more growth and impact.

Positive Impact Oy:n ja Sitowisen henkilöstöä yrityskaupan allekirjoituksen jälkeen.

With the acquisition, Positive Impact and its owners, experts and customer relationships will become part of the Sitowise Group and its environmental and sustainability services. Elina Levula will start as Group Manager of the Climate and Sustainability Group. All current services and customer relationships of companies will continue as before.

- We warmly welcome Positive Impact's experts as part of Sitowise's environmental and sustainability services. Together we can respond more comprehensively and effectively to major sustainability challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss and overconsumption of natural resources, says Vaalgamaa.

- With this acquisition, we strengthen our ability to innovate and implement our environmental and sustainability expertise, which in turn supports our position as one of the leaders in the green transition. The acquisition of an expert company with extensive expertise in environmental and sustainability solutions strengthens our strategic vision and gives us the opportunity to combine expertise and technology to accelerate our joint progress towards a more sustainable future, says Jannis Mikkola, Business Area Executive Vice President, Infrastructure Business Area at Sitowise.

Contact information:

Sitowise Sanna Vaalgamaa tel. 040 632 4360,

Positive Impact Finland Oy Elina Levula, tel. 0440240390,

Sitowise is a Nordic expert in the built environment with strong focus on digitality. We provide design and consulting knowhow to enable more sustainable and smarter urban development as well as smooth transportation. Sitowise offers services related to real estate and buildings, infrastructure, and digital solutions both in Finland and in Sweden. Global megatrends drive huge changes that require a re-evaluation of the smartness in the built environment – therefore we have set our vision to be Redefining Smartness in Cities. The Group's net sales were EUR 204 million in 2022 and the company employs more than 2,200 experts. Sitowise Group Plc is listed on the main list of Nasdaq Helsinki under the trading symbol SITOWS.

Positive Impact is a full-service sustainability agency that aims to help our clients identify and manage sustainability issues in a changing world and act effectively for a sustainable future. Founded in 2019, Positive Impact acts as an expert partner for many companies and development projects. In addition to expert work, we also carry out software development and communications in the field of sustainability. We have developed, for example, Visit Finland's tourism carbon footprint calculator and our own climate management SaaS service CO2 Roadmap. At the time of the merger, Positive Impact employs 7 people.