Sitowise has acquired the share capital of Byggnadstekniska Byrån Sverige AB. Byggnadstekniska Byrån is a Swedish planning and consultancy company focused on structural engineering and geotechnics. The company’s roots go back a hundred years all the way to 1911.

Expansion in Scandinavia, especially into the region’s largest planning and consulting market in Sweden, is a key part of Sitowise’s strategy.

“Byggnadstekniska Byrån Sverige AB has a strong brand, knowledgeable personnel and long customer relationships, making it a perfect partner for Sitowise's strategic expansion in the Nordic countries. Joining forces opens up significant opportunities for both companies to grow and expand our service offering in Sweden. Combining Sitowise's extensive expertise in providing planning and consulting services as well as growing through acquisitions and expanding its service offering with the strong market position of Byggnadstekniska Byrån Sverige AB in its own business area, results in a winning combination,” says Sitowise CEO Pekka Eloholma.

“Sitowise is a strong partner for us to continue our successful growth and to keep developing our service offering further. We share a vision of the future and an understanding of the importance of locality as well as extensive expertise and quality in business. I believe that joining forces will create the right conditions for us to utilize each other's know-how and experience, and thus provide better services to our customers,” Erik Löb, CEO of Byggnadstekniska Byrån Sverige AB, adds.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Byggnadstekniska Byrån Sverige AB employs 140 structural and geotechnical professionals in four cities in Sweden. The company enjoys strong and profitable growth; its turnover was approximately SEK 160 million in 2018.

After the acquisition, Sitowise Group employs nearly 1,700 experts in the built environment in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. Byggnadstekniska Byrån continues to operate under its own name and brand as a subsidiary of Sitowise. The company's CEO Erik Löb as well as other key personnel and employees will all continue in their current positions.