Sitowise and GIS and spatial data featured information system services specialist Dimenteq Oy are combining their expertise. The demand for built environment data and digital services is in rapid growth. In the next few years, digitalisation will transform the operating environment in the field of construction and transportation. Together, Sitowise and Dimenteq are able to offer customers a more versatile and extensive selection of services, and continue growth and development as a pioneer of the industry in Finland.

“The acquisition of Dimenteq realises our strategy of investing heavily in services related to the digitalisation of the built environment. Sitowise aims to become a pioneer of built environment data management. Dimenteq is recognised for its high-quality services and expert personnel, and our strengths complement each other superbly. Together, we are able to provide a more versatile and extensive selection of services and invest heavily in the development of business operations,” says Markus Väyrynen, CEO of Sitowise. 

“For Dimenteq, joining Sitowise enables us to grow our business operations to the next level. Sitowise is an excellent home for us, as our organisation, practices and clientele are very similar, and we unconditionally agree with the core values of digitalisation and the utilisation of spatial data in Sitowise’s growth strategy,” adds Teemu Virtanen from Dimenteq.

“Together with Dimenteq, we are the leading Finnish provider of digital services for the built environment. Sitowise is experiencing strong growth, and our aim is to significantly expand our digital services. We seek to recruit dozens of new talents in the coming years,” says Milla Lötjönen, Director, Digital Services at Sitowise.

With the transaction, Sitowise acquires the entire share capital of Dimenteq. All 37 experts employed by Dimenteq will continue in their current positions.

With the transaction, the CEO of Dimenteq Teemu Virtanen is appointed as Business Area Director of the Smart City business segment and CTO Jan Lindbom as the segment's CPO/CTO. The Smart City business segment covers all digital and traffic services at Sitowise and aims to modernise the property management and traffic processes of the built environment through digital services.