The association’s activities will combine public- and private-sector expertise and skills, and will involve researchers, authorities, cities, clients and logistics service providers. This network will enable the association to engage in genuine collaboration that will generate a wide range of benefits both nationally and internationally. The goal is to integrate decentralised databases into a databank that will serve both the public and private sectors, while also promoting compatible and sustainable logistics.

Sitowise is one of CaaS Nordic’s Board members and will contribute both its expertise in logistics and its experience in data platforms and digital twins. Pekka Eloranta will represent Sitowise on the Board.

We want to be involved in an ecosystem that develops better logistics solutions in collaboration with the best actors in the sector.

Leading Consultant Pekka Eloranta, Sitowise’s representative on the CaaS Nordic Board.

Sitowise was highly involved in the Growth Corridor Finland project, which was implemented in the spring under the umbrella of CaaS Nordic. Read more about this project here!