Sitowise has acquired the business operations of KM Project Oy, which provides technical services for transport fuel distributors.

Kimmo Marjola, founder of KM Project, founded in 2017, has over 20 years of experience in construction and technical operations of fuel distribution stations as a consultant, project manager and technical operations manager.

Sitowise and KM Project will create a centre of expertise in consultancy services related to liquid fuel filling stations in a situation where tightening environmental protection requirements and changes in traffic propulsion systems challenge technical expertise. Sitowise and KM Project together offer wider shoulders of technical consulting services for taking on the energy transition at fuel distribution stations, for example, for carrying out larger-scale deployments.

- This business acquisition helps broaden our service portfolio for our current customers and to entice new customers, says Sitowise’s Department Manager Vesa-Petri Helenius.

Sitowise has a significant foothold as a provider of consulting services related to distribution stations and as a centre of expertise in the field. KM Project joining as part of Sitowise brings continuity and reinforcement to further competence development and training.

 - In a way, the deal is a return to my roots, because I started my career as a road engineer. The energy transition of transport is imminent, the scale of which requires the involvement of sufficient and diverse resources. The network of fuel distribution stations is basic infrastructure of society, regardless of the product distributed. As one alternative path to the future, production of new liquid electric fuels is being developed, which also supports the maintenance, renewal and development of existing filling stations, says Kimmo Marjola.

- Kimmo's extensive expertise expands our possibilities to respond to the competence challenges posed to us by the ongoing energy transition in transport. In addition, Kimmo has a lot to offer as a mentor for future top experts in the field, Helenius says.

- Sitowise has made long-term investments in the filling station industry, which ensures the continuity of consulting in the industry. It is a pleasure to be involved in developing this further with new colleagues and sharing my own experiences, Marjola says.

With the acquisition, KM Project Oy's business operations, which cover management consulting targeted at transport fuel distributors and other transport service companies, development and study projects, permit and environmental issues, planning and design, construction management and project management, environmental quality assurance of filling station construction, dismantling of filling stations and training in the field, as well as KM Project Oy's founder Kimmo Marjola and customer relationships will become part of the Sitowise Group. 

Contact information:

Sitowise, Vesa-Petri Helenius, 044 427 9560, 

KM Project Oy, Kimmo Marjola, 040 840 0146,


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