InfraBIM Open 2019 will have more than 60 presentations from 15 different countries. You can find links for detailed information about the presentations from the updated program page . You can also download a printable version of the whole program. Please click here to find out more!


You are warmly welcome to meet us at our exhibition stand and to listen to our presentations:

Tuesday 15th January

Planning and Design 1
13:30   Jokeri Light Rail - Information Management in Alliance Model
              Liisa Kemppainen (Sitowise), Juuso Kuusinen (YIT)

Challenger 2
16:15   Louhi Project Dashboard - Case Raide-Jokeri & Kruunusillat projects
             Arla Hillner (Sitowise)

Wednesday 16th January

Digital System 2
09:30   BIM + GIS: The Key Ingredients for Digital Twin
               Jarkko Männistö (Sitowise), Jere Metsävuo (Sitowise)

Standards, guidelines, classifications 1
10:00 The Pasila-Riihimäki project
            Teppo Rauhala (Novatron), Maunu Tast (Sitowise)

Standards, guidelines, classifications 2
11:30   Piloting Model-based Administrative Processing of Engineering Plans
             Maija Ketola (Sitowise), Jenna Johansson (Finnish Transport Agency)

Co-Operation and Future
14:30   Unified classification is a requirement for functioning OpenBIM
              Josefiina Saarnikko (Sitowise)

Building information modelling – and harnessing its benefits – requires a standardised and comprehensive vocabulary and classification for the built environment. Everyone must understand the immense potential of standardising basic concepts. We can then use the time we save to implement better solutions for planning and building.

-Juha Liukas, a leading advisor on infrastructure data management and modelling at Sitowise