Elbox’s CEO, Jorma Jylhä, and all its ten employees will stay on in their roles. Project activities will continue unchanged. 

“Planning schedules are becoming tighter each year. This imposes stricter resource requirements on service providers: to be able to provide our customers with the right resources at the right time, even in the most time-pressed projects, it’s useful to have more professionals in house,” says Jorma Jylhä, explaining the reasons behind the acquisition. 

230 experts work in Sitowise’s technical building services business. They provide HVAC, electrical, automation and energy designs and consulting for hospitals, schools, day-care centres and both residential and commercial buildings.

Elbox has been active in this business since 2003. The company’s references include numerous apartment block projects in Tikkurila and dozens of tower building projects, such as the Lapinmäentie tower building in Helsinki and the Metro Centre tower buildings in Niittykumpu, Espoo. Other references include architect Steven Holl’s “Meander” apartment building in Töölö, Helsinki, and Telakkaranta in Helsinki.

“We’re pleased to welcome Elbox’s personnel to our ranks. Their closest colleagues will be around 40 electrical designers in the Uusimaa region. This acquisition significantly rounded out our shared expertise in housing construction, particularly in high-rise construction,” says Jan Tapper, Director, Technical Building Services at Sitowise.

CEO Jorma Jylhä became an equity partner in Sitowise as a result of the transaction. Sitowise has about 180 equity partners, who own a total of around 62 per cent of the company. The majority shareholder, with a 38 per cent stake, is Intera Partners. 

Further information

Sitowise Oy, Director Jan Tapper, tel. +358 50 379 0232
Elbox Oy, CEO Jorma Jylhä, tel. +358 40 828 4075 

Sitowise BUILDINGS, communications: Saara Helimäki, tel. +358 40 585 2890