The Board of Directors of Sitowise Oy and CEO Markus Väyrynen have jointly agreed on the termination of Markus Väyrynen's term as the company’s CEO. The Board of Directors would like to warmly thank Markus for his contribution in building Sitowise Oy to its current phase and for successfully leading the company during 2018.

In two years Sitowise has achieved a clear and recognized position among the three largest built environment planning and consulting companies in Finland. The company's strong financial position, state-of-the-art know-how and good and comprehensive customer relationships provide a unique opportunity to develop its business to the next level. Now is the right time to renew the company's leadership to accelerate further development towards growth.

The search for a new CEO from outside the company has been launched. During the interim period, beginning on Feb 25, 2019, the responsibilities of CEO will be carried by Pekka Eloholma, Chairman of the Board of Directors in addition to his continued role as the Chairman.

Business Area Directors Jannis Mikkola and Timo Palonkoski have been appointed Deputy CEO’s of Sitowise Oy as of February 25, 2019.

Apart from the change of CEO, Sitowise’s Management Team will continue in its current configuration.

In addition, a Business Development Group will be set up to ensure the company's profitable and sustainable growth and to guide development projects in line with the strategy. The Group will comprise of Chairman of the Board Pekka Eloholma, Member of the Board Tomi Terho as well as Deputy CEO’s Jannis Mikkola and Timo Palonkoski.

We believe that these changes will provide excellent prerequisites for the successful development of our business in the future.