Heikki Haasmaa, CEO of Sitowise, points out that strategy is a mundane tool for both the company's management and employees.

-The strategy defines the direction in which we as a company are going, what goals we have and how we intend to act to achieve those goals.  In my own everyday life, the strategy is present on a daily basis, but in the same way it forms the framework for what everyone at Sitowise does, Haasmaa says.

The perfect moment for strategy renewal

The current strategy has guided Sitowise's operations since the merger of Sito Oy and Wise Group Oy, i.e. for more than five years. According to Haasmaa, it is natural that there was a desire to renew the strategy right now.

At Sitowise, we have a really good foundation on which to build.

Heikki Haasmaa, Sitowise

- We have largely achieved the goals set out in our previous strategy, such as the listing on the Helsinki Stock Exchange and expansion into international markets through our operations in Sweden. After these milestones, it was good to draw a little oxygen, but I feel that we are now ready to define ourselves from now on, he says.

Although we are now talking about a new strategy, at no time has the whole package been intended to be reinvented.

- At Sitowise, we have a really good foundation on which to build. For example, digitalization, sustainability and profitable growth will continue to be at the core of our operations, but during the strategy process, we have, for example, clarified the purpose of our operations and set new targets for the next three-year period. On the other hand, I want to emphasise that who we are will not change, and that is why our common values will remain the same, he says.

Strategy work is just beginning

The new strategy was published on Tuesday 28 February at Sitowise's head office in Espoo, Finland. The employees followed the live stream of the event with coffee and cake at other office locations as well.

- However, the strategy work does not end there, but on the contrary – now it is just beginning. I look forward to actively participating in the discussion and hope that everyone will understand the value of what they do in promoting the company's strategy. When our vision is to redefine smartness in cities, we need to understand its background and impact. How enormous changes, such as declining biodiversity and the growing maintenance backlog, affect our customers' needs or projects, not to mention the people who live in the built environment, Haasmaa says and continues

- Personally, I am genuinely enthusiastic about our new guidelines, and I believe that we will use them to meet the growing expectations of our customers and develop into a true thought leader in our own field.

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