Virtual city model services

We create impressive and illustrative presentation models for infrastructure and urban development projects using the latest 3D presentation technology.

Jarkko Männistö
Project Manager, Virtual city model services
+358 20 747 6064

Presentation models are an excellent way to illustrate both small and large projects, such as road, bridge and urban development plans. The presentation models are created using the latest game engine technology that enables seamless production of virtual, augmented and mixed realities.

The models can be easily converted to other presentation material, such as video, 360 video and different types of illustrations. We prepare the 3D material using simulations of aspects such as various weather conditions, mobile networks, traffic or air quality, depending on the individual needs of the customer.

For mobile operators, investors and real estate developers we offer cutting edge solutions for simulating and illustrating urban data infrastructure in a visual intuitive 3D gaming environment.

Crown Bridges, Helsinki

The Crown Bridges project will connect the Laajasalo, Korkeasaari and Kalasatama areas to the centre of the city by means of a 10 km tramway. In addition, as part of this project, a new scenic seaside walking and bicycling path will also be created.

Lighting simulator

We developed a lighting simulator for the City of Espoo and Aalto University Properties Ltd that enables the use of real-time visual tools related to lighting in various urban planning projects.

Urban simulator

Possibilities of the 5G city simulation.

Louhi - the big picture software

Louhi Urban Information Models is efficient tool for city stakeholder decision making. It helps to gain insight on large scale projects and complex phenomenon. It's a Big Picture Software.

Digital solutions for infrastructure project management

Fewer mistakes and cheaper costs with Sitowise project management tool.

Presentation models with the Unity game engine

The Unity engine is a flexible platform for all types of projects with extremely high-quality visuals. 


Simulations in a virtual environment, for example lighting and stormwater simulations.

VR, AR and MR services

Utilization of new virtual environments in project interactions.

Video and 360 video

 Ready-made track shots can be created easily in the presentation model.


Static illustrations for various media use, such as web sites and brochures.

360° imaging and processing

360° imaging technology can be used to create stunning presentations of any location.

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