Integrated mobility services

Integrated mobility services represent a new era of transport solutions where various forms of transportation are brought together into a single service. This results in more comprehensive and high-quality service, enables better ways of mobility and brings more efficiency to public transport services.

One of the leading service providers in the field, Sitowise is actively involved in revolutionizing the Finnish transport system along with other private and public sector collaborators.

Integrated mobility services, such as smart traffic solutions, new service models and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) are the latest package in the range of mobility services at Sitowise.

Sitowise has taken part in the launch of one of the world’s first MaaS pilot projects in Seinäjoki between 2015 and 2016. The project tested an extensive mobility service with a monthly premium for the city’s residents.

Sitowise has also been responsible for the development of integrated products and services for public transportation and taxi companies in the areas of Mikkeli and Savonlinna.

Together with our customers, we are currently developing new solutions for opening up  healthcare and social services journeys and centralized digital activities. In addition to expert services, Sitowise provides traffic integration applications (information, booking and payment services) and solutions for dispatching and combining rides. In dispatch solutions, we can act as the technology supplier or provide an overall solution for transport service centre operations.

MaaS and integrated mobility solutions: service and concept design

We provide service and concept planning for our customers in the development of new mobility services as well as MaaS services and systems. We also prepare benchmark analyses in order to compare new services and improve their efficiency. 

Digital public and passenger transportation information, booking and payment functionalities

We provide comprehensive digital ICT solutions in transport services, including guide solutions for pedestrians and cyclists, real-time information and route maps.

Services for the brokerage and combination of journeys

We provide dispatch and combination solutions in healthcare and social services travel for public and private operators. Our goal is to achieve fully digital solutions that enable cost-efficient operations.