Harava - Map-based survey tool

Harava is a map-based survey service for participatory design and community engagement.

A smart city is recognised by its competent and sustainable decision-making that genuinely responds to the needs of residents. Residents can provide the planning process with valuable insight in order to help create a built environment that is comfortable and acknowledges their needs.

We offer user-friendly technological solutions to support efficient and successful crowdsourcing and participatory planning. With the Harava survey tool residents have improved opportunities for influencing the planning and design of their living environment. The location-based functions of the service enable data collection through an easy-to-use map interface.

The web-based Harava service can be used to build own surveys quickly and effortlessly. Harava also provides pre-prepared survey elements and templates to make community engagement easy and fun. If needed, our experts can design and build surveys for you and help in analysing the survey data.

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Ideas to support designs

Do you have a plan on establishing a new residential area, improving sites for recreation or developing public traffic? With Harava map surveys you can easily receive an insight on what actions the locals really see as important. With Harava you can engage the most important stakeholders: people for whom a better environment is built for!


Harava is a useful tool also in inventories concerning culture and nature environment. Through crowdsourcing you can get a wider perspective on your research area. The most valuable data on history and characteristics of a certain area is in the minds and memories of local people.

Commenting plans

A new residential area under construction? Planning a new public bus route? Place your plan in Harava, involve the local people and ask them for comments! Place your plan in Harava, involve the local people and ask them for comments!

Collecting feedback

With Harava you can easily implement customer feedback surveys and long-term collection of feedback related to for example infrastructure maintenance or traffic safety.